Sunday, January 31, 2010

Art Doll India

On Thursday, when I was driving to my yoga class I suddenly got an idea for my next Art Doll. About a year ago my husband was sent to Bangalore India for three months. Well, for the last ten days that he was there I was fortunate enough to visit him in a place that always intrigued me.................... India, I couldn't believe I was there. It was one of the most powerful life experiences I have had and so good for my soul. It actually changed me as a person. One of the things that stood out to me was the contrast between the vibrant colors of silk fabrics on the women to the dusty roads they walked along, it was stunning. The filth next to such beauty amazed me. I believe the women in India decorate their country with the silks, bangles and gold that drape across their bodies each day. Every woman wore a vibrant colored silk Sari everyday and they all had hair down their backs with flowers intertwined. I found out that in India the longer a woman's hair is the longer their husbands will live. One of the things I brought back with me was a set of six china tea cups. I decided to take one of these tea cups and transform it into a woman from India. What better tea cup to use than the one I was drawn to while visiting this country. I was also drawn to the fabric's from the local vendors that lined the streets. There were a few I couldn't resist to bring home and I am so glad I did because I have used some to embellish my Indian Art Doll. The position of this one is something I saw a lot. There were several times each day that I would pass Temple's and they were always filled with people meditating and praying together. It was such a peaceful sight often accompanied by a soft chant from Monks in the distance. I will not only have Art Doll India in my shop but I will also have some Prints of her available. Maybe this image that was so good for my soul will also be good for someone elses.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wishing There Were More Hours In The Day

I feel very lucky to be able to stay at home with my girls, my husband truly believes in me as an artist! I wish I could spend every minute creating my dolls but sometimes life has an agenda. Today is one of those days. I have a list of things I need to do but I will be creating again later this afternoon with hope to post a new lady in the spotlight soon!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

About Me & My Art Dolls

My name is Rebecca and I am an artist from the inside out. Literally..... everything about me is artistic. The way I think, the way I dress, the way I see the world. Art consumes my life and I LOVE it!! I was born in England where I lived until I was 7 years old. North Andover, Ma was my home until 1990 when I moved to Boston to attend the Museum School Of Fine Arts to study studio art. I dabbled in just about every medium an artist can get their hands on. It was AMAZING!! While I was in Boston I met my husband. Now here we are.... married with two lovely daughters (Zoe & Emma Grace). I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to stay home with my girls and concentrate on my ART WORK.
I have such a passion for creating characters and with each doll I like to see how much detail I can incorporate into the final sculpture. Every doll begins with a china tea cup. I search for antique or unique tea cups where ever I go. Once a tea cup catches my eye, I turn it upside down and visualize what kind of lady it will turn into.

After I have decided what type of character to design, I write down ideas of all the different details I could use to make her spectacular. Most of the detailed accessories are handmade but every once in a while I will come across something that would be the perfect adornment.

The face, neck, shoulders and arms are always hand sculpted out of flesh toned, soft FIMO clay. Occasionally if the doll is sitting I will sculpt the legs and shoes but usually I use wood for the bottom half of a standing doll for sturdiness. The top of the legs are glued into a firm piece of foam and then glued inside the tea cup. The feet of the doll or legs of a sitting doll are glued onto the saucer with a tile adhesive. This has proven to be the strongest bonding material. The saucer is the perfect base for these charming ladies.

The upside down tea cup which acts as the dress is designed and embellished around the tea cups original pattern. Colors from the tea cups original pattern are carried throughout the piece with things like paint, beads, buttons, ribbon, sequence, fabric, and other fabulous embellishments.

With each doll being a one of a kind creation I have taken photographs and created beautiful Prints that can be framed. This way the images of each unique creation can be enjoyed by people around the globe. Every doll as a story and a personality, I hope you enjoy meeting all the ladies in Daisydolls Doll Shop!

My New Studio

My New Studio
It may be pink but it's no longer the closet under the stairs(O:

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day!!
These are little Valentines Mice made out of little white stones. I stuck felt hearts on them and then embelished them with bows and eyes. This is a fun Valentines Day craft for my daughter's second grade class!

Art Doll Prints

Available Now!!!


Meet India, she is such a treasure! I made from a tea cup I brought back from India last year. She sits 6 1/2 inches tall. The base she sits on is a beautiful square plate I found in Crate & Barrel that matched the tea cup perfectly. India has been embellished with fabrics I also brought back with me. Her hair is a combination of wool and acrylic fibers and she is jeweled with brass accents. India has henna patterns on the souls of her feet and around the tops of her arms and sits in this peaceful position as she meditates. She's waiting to sit in your home and bring you peace.

India Prays

India Prays
Art Doll

Art Doll Mable

Art Doll Mable
Meet Mable, she's trying her best to keep her skin glowing. She believes in nourishing her body from the inside out but once a week a good facial mask and cucumbers on her eyes make all the difference in the world. She stand 8 inches tall and would love to sit on the side of your tub or on your dresser. She could spend hours in the bathroom! * Mable is an original one of a kind decorative Art Doll and not meant to be played with as a toy.