Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"doodles are imaginative scribbles in every sense"


~daisies~ a word for every letter in the word daisies

I'm trying to make up as many phrases by using the letters in "daisies or daisy". Just something fun for this particular journal. Have a great Wednesday!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~Daisydolls Journal ~ A Place To Doodle On Faces~


This 20 page journal is a photographic collection of my paintings meant to be doodled upon. I have always had this thing about drawing and writing words on faces and now I’ve created a book (through "Shutterfly") where you can do exactly that. This journal is slightly smaller than the one I've been working in. I figured out a way to keep the cost down by producing a smaller book. If you have such a desire to doodle upon faces and write thoughts within the facial features then this is the perfect little journal for you. These faces are just waiting for you to make your mark. Imagine the possibilities and patterns you could give them!! It’s full of color and ready for more. This 20 page journal is 5 ½” X 7” and I hope you will enjoy this journal as much as I have! I can't seem to put mine down(O:

I "see-m" to think that daisies are the friendliest flower

I'm a little pressed for time this morning but I wanted to show you a new page in my journal. Have a great Tuesday everybody!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

"Mosaicly Dotted Daisydoll"

It's about 6:20am and I'm sitting outside on my patio with my laptop with a hot cup of tea listening to the birds chirp. This has to be the most peaceful time of day. There is a soft breeze which I haven't felt for weeks because it has been SO hot...... Now that you can picture my setting I will get to my morning post(O:
Years ago I used to paint with dots 90 percent of the time so I thought I'd bring back my old style for a page in my new face journal. It's fun to see how many different ways I can use these faces from my 8 painting series. Some of these faces will not even look like faces after I embellish them. Those of you who know my work will know there is a face in there somewhere. First time viewers.... well they may just think it's an abstract painting with patterns and words. This is a new page I've finished showing the progression (in a backwards scroll)of the detail as I went along. As you scroll down each photo will show less and less detail from the finished page. This is also the first piece in my new little studio nook. I actually do like being in the kitchen, it's nice to be where all the action is. Being a Mom with two girls, I too can block out noises when I need to. Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back to a Tiny Studio Again

It's funny how my girls talk me into things and I find myself uprooting my belongings to make them happy. My eight year old Emma Grace has been complaining for the past week how she wants to have her own room. This was after complaining she wanted to share a room less than a year ago. I do understand they are getting older and want their privacy..... The problem with this is that when she moved into Zoe's room I wiggled my way into her old bedroom and took it over for my nice a big, very pink studio(O: Not anymore. Before I was in Emma Grace's (old, soon to be new again) room I was in the closet under the stairs but after another brainstorm I found myself another nook in the house to make my own. It is an extra closet in our kitchen. I took the doors off and got out my paintbrush and after about a million trips up and down the stairs I managed to bring my desk and all my art supplies down and fit them into this nook in the kitchen. The nice thing is it is in the kitchen so I can probably spend even more time in there and I also have the kitchen table to work on for my bigger projects. One day we will have a bigger house and I will have a whole room to myself with sun pouring through the windows. One day!!! For now I wanted to share my new space with you. This was my creative project for Saturday.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thank you "Shutterfly"!!

After finishing my series of 8 paintings (while photographing them all along the way), I decided to have a photo book made through "Shutterfly" so I could do it all over again. This time I will be embellishing these faces in a much smaller 8" X 8" version. I took each image and blew them up on the pages in two different stages. Now I can fill them with daily thoughts or fill them with patterns. This is going to be a fun traveling journal. My girls can swim and I can doodle. They can go to music lessons and I can doodle. I mean really you have to keep Mom happy ya know(O: The nice thing is I can also use these images to make things. I have one idea of something I want to make that I have never tried before. It may be a week or two but it will be posted soon. There will be all kinds of goodies in my Etsy shop once I iron out the kinks of my ideas. Stay tuned...

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

"Planting Daisydolls in a Row"

I'm so excited because I just bought myself a paper cutter and a binding machine. Now I can make fun journals of all sizes with papers as thick as I want(O: This is the first one I've made with my new toys for designing my daisydolls in rows. I was talking to a friend of mine about how many journals we each have and really there should be a journal for every mood. Especially when an artist such as myself has about a zillion different styles of painting and drawing. This way they can be somewhat organized. That's the Capricorn in me always wanting to be more organized than I actually am. I guess now that I have my new little toys to make journals I will end up having an entire bookshelf one day of them all each filled with different styles of doodles or paintings I've spent my life working on. I may not be a financially rich artist but no one will ever be able to say that I don't have anything to show for my life's work. Some of us are the hardest working artists creating art everyday, it's what we love.
To me:
~Art supplies are like gold~
~Spending the day creating with no interruptions is like an exotic vacation~
~The sound of nothing just peace and quiet is pure bliss~
~Playing music loud and singing along while I create art is also bliss~
~Spending days in the studio with my girls are unforgettable and treasured moments~
~Having this blog has been such a source of encouragement thanks to all my followers and their amazing comments~
~Having artistic blogs to follow is an amazing source of inspiration~

"Life is good"!! Have an inspired day(O:

My New Studio

My New Studio
It may be pink but it's no longer the closet under the stairs(O:

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day!!
These are little Valentines Mice made out of little white stones. I stuck felt hearts on them and then embelished them with bows and eyes. This is a fun Valentines Day craft for my daughter's second grade class!

Art Doll Prints

Available Now!!!


Meet India, she is such a treasure! I made from a tea cup I brought back from India last year. She sits 6 1/2 inches tall. The base she sits on is a beautiful square plate I found in Crate & Barrel that matched the tea cup perfectly. India has been embellished with fabrics I also brought back with me. Her hair is a combination of wool and acrylic fibers and she is jeweled with brass accents. India has henna patterns on the souls of her feet and around the tops of her arms and sits in this peaceful position as she meditates. She's waiting to sit in your home and bring you peace.

India Prays

India Prays
Art Doll

Art Doll Mable

Art Doll Mable
Meet Mable, she's trying her best to keep her skin glowing. She believes in nourishing her body from the inside out but once a week a good facial mask and cucumbers on her eyes make all the difference in the world. She stand 8 inches tall and would love to sit on the side of your tub or on your dresser. She could spend hours in the bathroom! * Mable is an original one of a kind decorative Art Doll and not meant to be played with as a toy.