Friday, June 25, 2010

"Planting Daisydolls in a Row"

I'm so excited because I just bought myself a paper cutter and a binding machine. Now I can make fun journals of all sizes with papers as thick as I want(O: This is the first one I've made with my new toys for designing my daisydolls in rows. I was talking to a friend of mine about how many journals we each have and really there should be a journal for every mood. Especially when an artist such as myself has about a zillion different styles of painting and drawing. This way they can be somewhat organized. That's the Capricorn in me always wanting to be more organized than I actually am. I guess now that I have my new little toys to make journals I will end up having an entire bookshelf one day of them all each filled with different styles of doodles or paintings I've spent my life working on. I may not be a financially rich artist but no one will ever be able to say that I don't have anything to show for my life's work. Some of us are the hardest working artists creating art everyday, it's what we love.
To me:
~Art supplies are like gold~
~Spending the day creating with no interruptions is like an exotic vacation~
~The sound of nothing just peace and quiet is pure bliss~
~Playing music loud and singing along while I create art is also bliss~
~Spending days in the studio with my girls are unforgettable and treasured moments~
~Having this blog has been such a source of encouragement thanks to all my followers and their amazing comments~
~Having artistic blogs to follow is an amazing source of inspiration~

"Life is good"!! Have an inspired day(O:


  1. Reading your full list of bliss makes me go into another bliss =)
    You're blessed forever by your gratitude you give back !

    ~The sound of nothing just peace and quiet is pure bliss~ <--- This one's my favorite bliss too.

  2. okay, i'm awake now....i ended up sleeping and falling into a stuper for two days....yikes..i don't know what hit me, but whatever it was, it's gone now...and I'm back in the studio....

    catching up on your email...was my first delight of the day! I truly look forward to my communications with you, dear friend!

    You are off on yet another inspirational tangent..and I'm loving it! i'm still putting the finishing touches on my 'pretty vintage' journal...but I'm doodling on the side too!

    your list of bliss....that's my list too...we are one and the same, i think! so happy to have met you through blogging!

    i'm off to catch up on your last post, because I cannot get through my day without a daisydoll update!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


  3. i like them in row! very nice also to see your work process! thanks

  4. Right On!! With your sentiments about your art!! Love the daisy dolls in a row!!! They are all so pretty! Thanks for showing us your process too!! Love your work :D

  5. OMG Rebecca--did I write this?!--exactly my idea of a perfect day (sometimes I like it quiet and sometimes I just love to sing with the blasting music :) And I love how you show the progression of your work.

  6. Yes we have a bind-it-all too. It's funny. Your painted faces like a workshop are so great and inspiring, thank you so much.Your creativity is brilliant.
    Wish you a nice weekend,
    hugs Anja

  7. Well, I just had the perfect evening. I've been waiting all week to get stuck into a painting I had in mind! I know what you mean about having different styles. I can't seem to settle on one. But I guess that isn't so bad! Your daisy dolls do look very pretty indeed in their row :)

  8. Agreed! To Everything you mentioned in your bliss list.

    And I love the progress pics of the daisy dolls in a row. How cool to be able to make journals now!


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Happy Valentines Day!!
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