Friday, April 30, 2010

"Shoe Goddess"

I just finished my shoe project, yea!! This is meant to be an image of a vintage shoe with a sexy "Shoe Goddess" inside. I wanted this piece to have an Art Nouveau feel to it which is the reason I incorporated the border to compliment the "Shoe Goddess". This piece is for my sister's 40th Birthday. I will have 11" X 14" Prints of this piece available in my Etsy Shop for just $20.00. They are printed on a 100 LB acid free vellum paper with a high quality laser ink. The colors are extremely vibrant and I feel the Print replicates the original beautifully!!

Rick's Birthday Cake! XOXO

Not exactly "Ace of Cakes" but "whah lah" here is my husbands Birthday cake!! A big golf ball on top of a very fat piece of grass. Thanks to Duncan Hines for the devils food cake and Betty Crocker for the 3 tubs of cream cheese frosting(O: YUM!! I hope he likes it!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Productive Day(O:

Today I feel like I had a really productive day. I was able to work on my shoe project this morning for several hours and I am actually close to being finished (it's looking great, I'll show you a photo tomorrow). Then late this afternoon I started baking a cake for my husbands 38th birthday on Saturday. I'll finish it tomorrow and post some photos of that as well. I am trying to make a cake that looks like grass with a big golf ball on top, all made out of cake of course. I have done some frosting and decorating but still need to finish the final touches like the tiny dimples on the golf ball. It's fun, I think I was inspired after watching an episode of "Ultimate Cake Off". My cake is FAR from being in that league but it's fun and it's especially for my guy(O:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

HMMM Shoes I think!

Next up in my world of Art I will be starting something that has to do with shoes. My sisters and I recently over the past few years have been buying each other a new pair of funky shoes for each other on our Birthdays. Well, my sister Miranda is turning 40 in a few weeks and I have an idea. Instead of actually getting her a pair of funky shoes I have decided to do a detailed illustration of a vintage shoe (maybe with a Marie Antoinette flare). I thought I might draw one of my ladies standing in the shoe dripping with all sorts of accessories that happen to be spilling over the edges of the shoe. That is my hope anyway. I also want to photograph it and make some note cards with it as cute right!?!? My sister loves shoes, she has a closet full of them and this piece of art might last longer than an actual pair of shoes. I just want it to be special, after all she is turning the BIG "40"!!! I'll keep you posted on the progress!

"Lemon Cupcakes"

by Rebecca Anthony

This 11" X 14" Print is available in my etsy shop!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Beginning To Take Shape

Today I plan to work on this some more, yesterday there just seemed to be one thing after another pulling me away from my work.

I'm planning to add some intricate details to the dresses. I want to create a different fabric pattern for each dress and I intend to make them have a substantial amount of contrast in both color and pattern. The background has so much detail and a color theme that portrays sun light so the dresses will need to be very different so they stand out and pop off the page. Stay tuned, I'm off to my studio with an hour break for yoga at noon(O:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Making Changes Again

Well here I am making changes to my blog again. I am similar like that when it comes to my house. Every time someone comes over they always say "Oh you moved that into that room" or "Didn't this used to be over there?". I can't help it..... visual changes are part of my being. My sister calls me a chameleon because I change my hair so often and through the years there are photos around and I simply look like different person because of my drastic hair style changes.

I like the blog background I came across with the daisy petals framing my blog. I thought it was perfect. So welcome to my new looking blog, it's still me just a snazzier looking version(O: I need to get back into my studio, I'm itching to do some artwork today!! I'll post pics of further progress of my new painting tomorrow. Have a good day!

Shabby Blogs

I have to say I am really loving the new backgrounds from Shabby Blogs. I have been playing with a few and think this one is the one for "Daisydoll's Doll Shop Blog" but I might have to try a few more just to be sure. They are so beautiful! The creator of Shabby Blogs is a genius(O:

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Progress of a New Piece

This is a piece in progress but I'm kind of liking the rays of light behind these ladies. I have been using these metallic gel pens for highlights and detail and I love the effect it gives!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

"Architectural Drawing" New Class Project

Private Studio Art Classes by Rebecca Anthony
6 Week Sessions - $110.00 / Student
(All art supplies included and supplied during class)
By the end of each 6 week session a project will be completed and each student will leave with a substantial piece of art!
Classes will be held in my home on Friday's from
3:30 - 5:00
1075 Westwell Run, Alpharetta, GA 30022
Contact Rebecca to reserve your spot for the next 6 week session.
This class is intended for artistic individuals 8 years of age and up. If you are interested in learning new artistic techniques or wanting to build your portfolio please join my class.

Session #3 June 11th - July 23rd / Architectural Drawing
Using Pencil, Ink & Charcoal
(Please bring a photo of your house)
Week 1 June 11th 3:30-5:00
Week 2 June 18th 3:30-5:00
Week 3 June 25th 3:30-5:00
Week 4 July 9th 3:30-5:00
Week 5 July 16th 3:30-5:00
Week 6 July 23rd 3:30-5:00

Session #4 Aug 27th - Oct 1st / Collage Portrait of a Dog or Cat
(If you have a dog or cat please bring a photo)
Week 1 August 27th 3:30-5:00
Week 2 September 3rd 3:30-5:00
Week 3 September 10th 3:30-5:00
Week 4 September 17th 3:30-5:00
Week 5 September 24th 3:30-5:00
Week 6 October 1st 3:30-5:00

"Architectural Drawing Process"

Session 3 begins June 11th and this is what we will be doing.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A New Sketch

I have just started this new sketch for my next 11" X 14" piece of art. I'm still working on the whole idea and composition of this piece but this is a peek at the first few scribbles.

My Girls Making Soup

We had one rainy day this week and it was the perfect day for soup!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Magical Music Dust" Print available now in My Etsy Shop!

"Magical Music Dust" is now finished. This is an 11" X 14" Print of my original illustration. I zoomed in on some of the photos to give you a closer look at some of the detailed areas. I didn't use any paint on this piece. The materials I used were Prisma ink, archival fine point ink and metallic gold gel. To me this piece of art expresses the power and magic of music.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Magical Music Dust" in progress

"The Power Of Music"

I started a new piece a few days ago that I am excited to work on today. The title of this piece is going to be "Magical Music Dust". The composition is of a girl sitting at a piano (viewing her from behind) with an angel hovering over her sprinkling magical music dust around her hora. I believe music has the power to lift spirits, grieve a loss, help remember, run faster, dance, relax or simply get you up in the morning(O: Don't you just love when the alarm goes off and it's a really good song, it's starts the day off perfectly!! This morning I woke up to "One" with Bono & Mary J Blige, I love that song!!

"Photographer For The Day"

This morning I'm going to Emma Grace's second grade class to photograph each student. Every year the students of Barnwell Elementary School Publish a book in their class and have a publishing party. I think it's a wonderful idea especially when you get to see how the books of your child improve each year. I am in charge of photographing the authors of her class this year so I will be taking their head shots.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Lady Eight"

Meet "Lady Eight". She's a beautiful angel with intense detail from top to bottom. "Lady Eight" was created on a watercolor paper with archival ink, Prima pens and metallic gold highlights.

My Student's "Elephant Collages" before final gloss

I'm so proud of them, they amaze me!

Friday, April 16, 2010

All Set Up For My Art Students!

This morning I picked up a few supplies for my art class this afternoon. My students are getting close to being finished. The project for this six week session has been "Elephant Collages" and they have really enjoyed it. I have them all working from the same image (which they traced from an overhead transparency we created from an original photo of mine). Each of their pieces are created with collage patterns and embellishments of their own choice. They have created shadows with pieces of patterned paper. Today they will be adding fine details with paint pens, shading with charcoal, embellishing with buttons, beads, feathers, fabrics and ribbons. Then at the end of class they will frame their piece with a thin line of black puff paint on the edge of the wooded board to keep the gloss from running over the edges. Next week we will be pouring a the high gloss resin onto each piece which will secure all their intricate embellishments and charcoal shading. They have done a fantastic job so far and I will post photos next week of the finished pieces.

My New Studio

My New Studio
It may be pink but it's no longer the closet under the stairs(O:

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day!!
These are little Valentines Mice made out of little white stones. I stuck felt hearts on them and then embelished them with bows and eyes. This is a fun Valentines Day craft for my daughter's second grade class!

Art Doll Prints

Available Now!!!


Meet India, she is such a treasure! I made from a tea cup I brought back from India last year. She sits 6 1/2 inches tall. The base she sits on is a beautiful square plate I found in Crate & Barrel that matched the tea cup perfectly. India has been embellished with fabrics I also brought back with me. Her hair is a combination of wool and acrylic fibers and she is jeweled with brass accents. India has henna patterns on the souls of her feet and around the tops of her arms and sits in this peaceful position as she meditates. She's waiting to sit in your home and bring you peace.

India Prays

India Prays
Art Doll

Art Doll Mable

Art Doll Mable
Meet Mable, she's trying her best to keep her skin glowing. She believes in nourishing her body from the inside out but once a week a good facial mask and cucumbers on her eyes make all the difference in the world. She stand 8 inches tall and would love to sit on the side of your tub or on your dresser. She could spend hours in the bathroom! * Mable is an original one of a kind decorative Art Doll and not meant to be played with as a toy.