Saturday, July 24, 2010

"My First Moleskin Art Journal"

I am excited to have started my new Art Journal. I've heard so much about Moleskin Journals recently I'm not sure where I've been all these years. It seems to be just what I've been looking for. Why don't they carry them at Art Supply stores? I'm means isn't that where artists usually go to find a sketchbook.... My friend Jeanne told me to be sure and get the one with the lavender cover because that's the one with the thickest paper. It's amazing and so far has been able to hold paint, markers, sharpies, paint pens etc... Also I got it at Barnes & Noble for less than $20.00. The sketchbook they sent me for the Sketchbook project was actually a Moleskin so I guess officially that was my first one but the one they sent me was not the one with the lavender cover, that one have very thin pages. I actually had to glue three of them together each time to withhold all my goop(O:

So if anyone is in need of a new Art Journal for Mixed Media I strongly recommend the Moleskin Journal with the lavender cover(O:

These are the first two pages of my new Art Journal. My plan is to fill each two page spread with a different Art Journal Technique or tool that could be used for my class. I have decided to teach Art Journal classes after the new year so for the next few months I will be researching as much as I can and each new technique I learn or have learned in the past will be expressed by creating a two page spread with techniques. I will be holding my classes every week on Fridays and each Friday I will teach a new technique. All my students will have to do is bring their Art Journal and I will be supplying the rest of the supplies. I'm really looking forward to it.

My pages:

Page 1: Self Portrait by altering a photo and adding text withing the facial features. I basically wrote a short bio withing my features and gave myself extra long hair since I happen to be growing mine out and plan to have it really long again(O:
Page 2: A two page spread of a butterfly coming out from the center with wavy text behind. I chose to list supplies I like to use when I work in my Art Journal.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Lovely, this will be another beautiful journal. I keep saying I am going to start a journal but still haven't done so. I guess my first step is to buy one. I will check Barnes and Noble next time I am there.

  2. I love your art pages and I think it is a great idea to do art journaling classes!!! I also have to say where HAVE we been.... I mean seriously there awesome!!!!!!!!

  3. WOW new magical pages!
    You ask me about Nevr Dull.
    Its an american product please google or contact Milliande. I saw it in her video:
    I don't print an image but I took an original journal image.
    I hope I can help you.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs Anja

  4. Your pages aare great! It will make a wonderful teaching tool and be very inspirational for your students!

  5. GOOD Heavens! Those are just incredibly beautiful!!! I love, love, love your style!

  6. LOVE love love these pages! You must draw and paint non-stop.

  7. Whenever I come to your blog, I am so amazed of your infinite and boundless creative energy.. really admire how you can push it everyday into such beautiful creations ! Watching your blog every morning, it feels as if I'm witnessing the abundance of universal creative energy and you're putting it into the action every moment.
    Love both pages, especially the butterfly wing out of your doll. Your art journal class students will love it and I have a feeling you might even publish a book with your journals one day :)))

  8. Rebecca,
    First of all, thank you sooooooo much for telling us about the lavendar covered moleskine.
    I have the black covered one. the pages are very thick but thicker is better!
    I am so happy you are going to teach! I hope it is online!
    Will you ever teach the caravan?.. You know how much I love it.. or take an order for one?
    okay, now, last but not least, did you make your skirt you are wearing in your profile pic?
    It is gorgeous!
    Thank you for your loving comments on my blog.
    hugs, Darlene

  9. I never seem to see these journals in art shops either - and the ones in stationery shops are always sealed in plastic so you can't examine the paper... so now I know.. the lavender cover! I got my sketchbook project journal. Haven't started yet!

  10. Rebecca, what a fun couple of pages!! And you have the neatest handwriting! I did not know that about long hair. However, my hair only grows so far, then it WON'T grow any farther. Good luck with your hair styling :D

  11. This is going to be a Great class--Your students are really going to benefit from your talent. By doing this, you can also give them ideas for their journals too! I heard about the moleskine journals from my Suzi Blu class--the paper in them is like no other

  12. Hi< I am in resting from gardening, cutting broccoli, checking for bugs and treating for disease in plants. A lot of walking and exercise however I feel better when I do these things, not that there is anyting wrong with me, it is just that exercise thing we are suppose to do to have more energy.

    So I have been admiring your test and seeing that is has a consistancy that is ot easy to accomplish, even if the size is not consistant the look is.

    Also I have been here a few times and not commented, I was out of words, but I keep looking at the work where you say "Love your comments, I find that very charming.

    The brushes are beautiful, you do get a lot done and make great use of your time. You must not dilly dally around like I do and read sometimes. Of course gardening to the extent I do takes a lot of time and I enjoy that also.

    I have a great visit.

  13. Rebecca;
    Beautiful pages! It must feel so good to do these journal pages as I find lettering on the pages to be so therapeutic. I can see the Teesha Moore influence coming through and I love them! Beautiful butterfly too and I love that you used your own portrait for your page!

  14. Hi Rebecca,
    Love your pages in you newest art journal.
    Now I wish we had a Barnes and Noble down here in Australia.
    I'd rush out and buy one!
    Happy creating,

  15. What wounderful pages! amazing!

  16. Oh I love thick's the only way to go woman!!! ehehee....

    i love this wonderful start to your is so deliciously fun to look at all of your detailing! I am going back and reading all the posts I've missed....yikes summer is really throwing my routine right out the window...!!!! lol
    but at least I'm here!

    well done, my friend!

    and yes, I love that you plan to grow your hairs long......mine are! so there!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


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